How to prepare for major email deliverability changes coming February, of 2024

Google and Yahoo are changing requirements for ALL bulk email senders.

You've worked hard to build trust with your subscribers. The last thing you want is for your messages to stop reaching them.

That's why you need to be aware of major upcoming changes from Gmail and Yahoo that will affect all email senders.

Starting in February 2024, they are implementing new requirements around authentication, unsubscribes, and spam rates. Failure to comply could mean your emails getting blocked or marked as spam much more aggressively.

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Don't get caught off guard by the new email rules!

As news of the coming changes to Gmail and Yahoo have spread, more and more people with email lists have been reaching out to us to make sure they are ready. We’ve put together a few compliance packages to help you quickly make sure you are ready for the coming changes.

We’ve already helped our clients that have email lists ranging from 5,000 subscribers to 500,000+ subscribers be ready for these changes and in many cases make significant improvements to deliverability, open rate, and click through rates by implementing best practices in their email marketing.

These changes are a great opportunity for email senders who are prepared to stand out and increase visibility while many lists are scrambling and caught off guard.

How We Can Help

Making changes to your domain's DNS settings can sound complicated and intimidating if you're not familiar with it. It's definitely one of those technical backend things that could potentially cause problems if not done right.

Thankfully making those types of technical changes are what we do all day every day and we are also great at finding low hanging fruit opportunities that could lead to better open and click through rates and decrease spam scores and unsubscribe rates.

Here are the packages we’ve put together that can you help make sure you are setup for success as the email platform changes roll out:

Package One

Basic Compliance Checkup

  • We’ll review settings on your email marketing platform and if any changes are required to be compliant we’ll help you make them.
  • Great for people with one main email platform.
  • Timeline - Two business days
  • Cost - $379

Package Two

Advanced Compliance Checkup + Strategy

  • We’ll review settings on all the platforms that send emails on behalf of your domain (example: email marketing, customer support software, e-commerce tools that send receipts, etc)
  • One of our senior strategists will review your email marketing platform and send you detailed, personalized recommendations for improvements and quick wins that can increase your email effectiveness.
  • Timeline - Two business days for compliance 3-5 business days for strategy
  • Cost - $997

Package Three

Email Performance Accelerator

  • All of the above
  • Full email deliverability audit examining more than seventy factors that can impact inbox placement, open rates, and click throughs.
  • Detailed performance plan with models for how improvements can improve revenue or profitability from email marketing channels.
  • Consultation meetings with our team to review and support implementation of the improvement plan.
  • Cost - $2,347+

What to expect

1 - Select your plan

2 - Complete a brief questionnaire that provides a few details about your email sending platforms and domain

3 - Our team will review and follow up with a report and next steps within two business days. If any DNS changes need to be made we’ll coordinate with you so we can implement them securely or walk you through them live on a call.